I have giardia. i HAD giardia. now i have flagil (antiparasitic medicine). I also have a sampling of other bacterial infections which are all 100% curable. such luck i have!

Today was a great day, a relief from the last week that…dare i admit…i was wrapped up in culture shock. But today I almost felt that Perú was laughing right along with me. Giving me little gifts, as if to apoligize for its OTHER little gifts that currently reside in my intestines. For example, when I got on the combi this morning the abuelita sitting next to me had a cat in her backpack. All zipped up…out of sight out of mind (but clearly not out of earshot). Everyone looked around, wondering who would take a cat on the bus. She looked around too, as if it wasn´t perfectly obvious that it was HER jumping, meowing bag that held the cat captive. Asa, I just KNOW you would have been laughing hysterically. it WAS pretty damn funny.

Another example of today´s little surprises. A woman in the clinic was complaining of backpain. She, as pretty much every peasant woman in Perú typically does, carried a brightly covered sack on her back which she did not remove. Its a mystery to me what the women carry around in the bags (generally i assume its like a really big purse with food from the market, maybe a radio, usually something that smells like death…you know. nothing too special.) When the Eloy, the practicante, asked her to get on the scale she handed her bag to me to hold. Eloy winked. and then the bag cried. i kid you not. there was a 2 month BABY in the bag. the phrase ¨you have GOT to be kidding me¨slipped from my lips. Luckily, in English.

Anyway.  i also watched a kid get some knarly stiches today. not gonna lie, it was really disgusting. Sometimes i think that i might want to be a doctor. sometimes i really think otherwise. good God.

Today was one of those days when I considered canceling my ticket home. I love South America, love the people, love the language, love the landscape. I really really love Perú. If anyone wants a traveling partner in the future i will most certainly be coming back!

For my more cynical audience, who may be slightly skeptical of my positivity, or in case you were wondering, here are some things that one can not find in Urubamba that I have come to miss- mexican and thai food, salad dressing, cheese that is not really super gross, refrigerated beverages, packaged meat products (as opposed to unpackaged, still bleeding, covered with flies on the ground meat products…). Food i guess in general. and showers. just the basics, no más.

last night we watched the basketball championships at the Muse, tonight is the volunteer dinner, and tomorrow some friends and I are going to Cuzco to watch a soccer game. Excuse me, fútbol, game. Hope this finds you healthy and happy. Siempre yours, allegra