This was a long week with some high highs and low lows. The lows mostly involve bodily functions that only other ProPerú volunteers care to discuss, so i´ll leave you and your imagination to filling in those negative blanks. And now for the highlights of semana numero…i´ve lost count:

Wednesday took the ProPerú volunteers and their Spanish teachers to the Brazil v Perú fútbol game in the Cuzco stadium. Here is where i am at a sheer loss of words. the crowd was HUGE and VERY EXCITED. (do the caplocks help? i hope so) there were fireworks and chanting and the wave. there were vendors selling fried pig skins, house sized flags of che, and an entire police corps decked out in battle gear. Perú lost 3 to 0, but i do believe this tragedy may have spared my life seeing as we sat in the front row. (these are not particularly desirable seats because of the risk of death by crushing should a goal be scored) it was phenomenal.

Wednesday also brought the ProPerú volunteers face to face with anticucho (kabobs) de various animal parts. (typical Peruvian food) Me and my little friend giardia thought that it was best to be conservative, given that I had not eaten in several days. I knew I didn´t want kabob of cow heart, so i went with option 2, the option that i could not translate but assumed wasnt as knarly as cow heart. and i was wrong. it was kabob of cow intestine. suffice it to say i was the butt of many a joke that evening. (it tastes like fat and looks exactly like you would imagine cow intestines would look if you care to know). End Wednesday.

I past the next couple of days in relative ease, watching fútbol games in the cow pastures behind Urubamba, trading english for Quetua words (which is futile. i´ve accepted that my vocabulary will never surpass 20 words,  but i like to watch the kids and the grandmas laugh at me.) and teaching art classes to the next generation of Urubambanians. 

Favorite conversation of the week

       Peruvian friend: So, you´re saying that if you took a test on English you would pass?  You would get most of it right?

         Me: umm…yes…i can speak English language fluently…just not spanish

          Peruvian friend: huh.

It was an interesting insight into how people may be regarding my level of intellect here. i´ve decided to let it go. (and yes, sadly the Peruvian friend is 26, not a small child). Another Peruvian friend the other day, during a discussion about tuberculosis, exclaimed, ÿou´re smart!¨, as if it were some delightful surprise. How funny. here i am conversing in a second language for months on end, feeling so intellectual and accomplished, and i am apparently being perceived as mildly retarded. somethings about life here are SO unrewarding.

but i digress…

Saturday began with a really misearble mini project, leveling ground at a school to build a kitchen. Me and my giardia (my giardia and i) were not happy to be in the sun with a shovel and a mountain to flatten before lunch time. here is where i insert the low of the week, and the bodily functions that will remain unspoken of. I was not a happy camper.

HOWEVER, saturday afternoon and sunday were most fabulous. we took the bus to Cuzco, watched our health coordinators traditional dance troupe perform, and then danced the night away at the raucus clubs in cuzco. it was a blast. 

Highlight of the week- reuniting with Mr. Joey Timmons, fantastic friend, world traveler, and soon to be traveling companion for the rest of my time here in Perú. Finding Joey in the Plaza de Armas is probably one of the most fabulous reunions I´ll ever have in my life. cheers!!

Joey and the ProPerú gang spent our Sunday market hopping, eating yougert at my favorite café in the whole wide world (literally), and chowing in our favorite pollaria (rotessery chicken is a pretty big deal here). we took the bus home (another low, but i´ll leave that one alone).

2 more weeks at ProPerú, then Joey and I are going to hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu and check out Ica, Nazca, and Pisco on our way to Lima. 

Health update- doing well, más o menos. i´m slightly allergic to the medications i´ve been taking- adding a lovely dose of hives to the other symptoms. i headed back to the doctor and he assured me not to worry, they just itch. i should be finishing up the treatments tomorrow and then they and my giardia will have gone away. celebrate with me! 

i love you all. allegra.