feliz día de la tierra!

Is it Earth Day back home too? i think it just might be…! what a wonderful holiday.

there was a massive processional in the Plaza de Armas today- grade school children marching and chanting ¨a mule could take better care of this planet than you¨. (un poquito negativo, pero es probable que sí…)

Here are a few highlights from my newest publication ¨Sí no Conoces Urubamba¨(If you don´t know Urubamba), written and illustrated by the 3rd and 4th graders of Primary school at Divino Maestro. Compiled by your truly:

Si no concoes Urubamba, no has visto… (you have never seen) the dances of Señor de Toreychaoc, a train, my mom, the most beautiful valley in the world

Si no conoces Urubamba, no has oído…(you have not heard) the parrots, the sound of cold water from the glacier, how we talk, the sound of the roosters for whom we need to protect the environment for.

Si no conoces Urubamba, no has tocado… (you have not touched) gasoline, air, the humid earth that cultivates potatoes and corn, worms, the fútbol stadium, my dad (haha)

Si no conoces Urubamba, no has probado…(you have not tasted) roasted guinnea pig, water from the creek that runs through town (ironically, this is the water i am activly trying to convince people NOT to taste, but whatever), ceviche, several types of food that i am unfamiliar with (go figure)

Si no conoces Urubamba, no has olido… (you have not smelled) grilled guinnea pig, guinnea pig (living i assume) the most perfumed roses in the world, the food of Perú, the smell of the fresh air in the Andes of Yucay.

More pictures are posted online at http://www1.snapfish.com/share/p=446181205901005323/l=357072423/g=16043125/cobrandOid=1000131/otsc=SYE/otsi=SALB

and include such adventures as ¨kabob of cow heart eating, hiking with anden local up a very steep mountain,  and fútbol maddness (among others).