This week went FAST. Highlights included finishing off a 2 month losing streak with a win at the wednesday night trivia game, market shopping and cooking up some fierce tostadas (including homemade salsa and guacamole) a la Perú on Tuesday night with friends, taking my host family out for pizza on Thursday as a farewell y gracias fiesta, and watching the movie Frieda (which is really great and you should watch it too). Joey joined me in Urubamba this week and stayed with my host family for a few days. i felt like a proud urubambanian, showing off the sites and all of my favorite little secrets.

I finished off my internship today in Urubamba. THATS weird to say. Definetly had a hard time saying goodby to some wonderful new friends- Urubambanians are really unique in their…awesomeness. If you find yourself in Perú I advise ignoring the debbydowner advice of the LonleyPlanet book and checking out the bamba. especially on a wednesday.

so…now what?

 Joey and I are headed to Quillabamba, Quetua for ¨Land of Eternal Summer¨ for the weekend. Its on the edge of the Amazon Jungle…deep enough to get some sun and see some monkeys but not deep enough for snakes or malaria. THATS my kinda jungle!

Tuesday we are embarking on the Inca Trail to Macchu Picchu. i´ve heard it grueling, long, tiring, really cold, and utterly amazing. i´m a wee bit nervous but very excited. 11 hours of hiking each day and some super freaky-high elevation, but hey…i´m a Bergdahl! (also a Sayner, all due respect to the other half, equally strong and wonderful part of my family…!) 

We haven´t set the rest of our plans in stone but we are planning on returning to Arequipa to hike the Colca Canyon and see some condors. Other highlights on our travel itinerary include hitting up Pisco for some world famous Pisco Sours, checking out the poor man´s galapagos islands off the shores of Nazca, sandboarding on the sand dunes of Ica on the south coast, and then making it to Lima in time to jet set across the hemisphere!

These next couple of weeks will definetly come with a change of pace and a new set of joys and concerns. Keep me in that ¨healthy, happy, and not getting mugged¨section of your positive thoughts if you don´t mind!

se hecho de menos a todos!