We have returned from the land of the eternal summer, and it was hot. It may have been a little crazy, spending 16 hours on the bus for less than a day in Quillabamba, but hey. i´m not sure if it was ¨Worth it¨(the bus ride was very very long after all) but it was definetly fun and different. and hot. i saw no monkeys, but i don´t think i got malaria either. i figure we came out about even.

There are more pictures posted on the snapfish website including snapshots of market day in Urubamba, meat markets and manequins in Quillabamba, and a photodocumentary of the extrodinarily georgous bus ride between the highlands and the jungle lowlands. Also a few pictures of my host family and my class at Divino Maestro.

we´re off on the Inca Trail tomorrow!