I suppose this will be my last post for awhile…at least until i take up world traveling as a profession. For now i’ve taken up post in Bellingham Washington with a different, better paying profession. 

The last days of the trip were relaxing and luxurious, in a Peruvian luxurious type of way. We ran around on the sand dunes, checked out some museums, and laid by the pool. we also ate more chicken sandwiches than i care to admit to….a LOT of chicken sandwiches. 

The flight home was not so bad. I slept so deeply that the flight attendant literally had to wake me up and shove me off the plane. Jiggs was there to catch me at the baggage claim, and Asa, Dave, and my mom had a great dinner that night. We hiked up to twin falls on Mother’s Day and I ended up in Bellingham on Sunday night!

So far I have hardly had the chance to think about Peru. i’ve been busy being working, catching up with family and friends, and getting blood tests and…other tests done. I’m nearing 2 months of giardia at this point- pretty ready to let this little friend go! I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten myself a really cute apartment (just waiting on the paperwork) which will be a relief! 

At any rate, thank you for reading! I’ve been touched with how many of you followed along on my happy trails- this really has been a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to get in touch with all of you sometime soon!